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Admin interface

Admin interface permits to a site administrator to check user roles, approve Requester account done by Partners, manage waiting queues, administrer Mediasoup servers and get anonymised statistics.

Users administration

Open Users to review all registered users.

Warning, if auto-create mode is enable with SSO, new users might be created on fly.

User admin list

Click on the Pen to edit a user information and to assign user to queues.

Edit user form

Requester administration

Requester administration only permits to toggle the active state of a requester.


Click on Active switch box to allow or deny the access to consultation request page.

Waiting queues

Waiting queues are shared areas across several doctors. Whenever a consultation is requested by a patient or a Partner, all doctor in this queues will see it until somebody handle it.

Waiting queues

Mediasoup servers

HCW@Home can distribute calls over severals Mediasoup servers. When a call is requested, a randon Mediasoup server is taken and users are sent to. The interface permits to do updates or disable server on fly without the need to interupt users or restart server.

Mediasoup servers