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HCW@Home - Simple & Secure remote consultations

HCW@Home is a fork of HUG@Home solution co-developped by Hôpital Universitaire de Genève and Iabsis SARL.

HCW@Home is a scalable, institution-level secure teleconsultation system for typical telemedicine scenarios, achieved through close collaboration with healthcare professionals. It is fully open-source and offers integrated features for chat, audio, and video calls using WebRTC.


  • Voice & Video consultations
  • Secure Chat
  • Invite patient in seconds by SMS or Email
  • Send an attachment or image
  • PDF Reporting
  • Connect to external solution (OpenEMR)
  • Invite guests and a translator
  • External authentication (SAML, JWT, Active Directory)

Tech stack

  • Exclusively coded with NodeJS language
  • Frontend are coded with Angular framework
  • Patient fronend also use Ionic framework
  • Backend is coded with SailsJS framework
  • Data are stored in MongoDB database
  • Sessions are stored in Redis database
  • Mediasoup API is based on Mediasoup for the WebRTC stack and also Express for the API


Health Care Worker is provided under GPLv3.


Health Care Worker @Home is supported by: